Set Up Google Search Webmaster Tool for Your Site

Google Webmaster is a free web tool to understand about your websites to what’s happening there in. It is primarily for google to communicate with webmasters about your site activities. It was in May 2015, Google re-branded Google webmaster Tools as Google Search Console. Even before you start optimizing your site through paid Adwords program to increase traffic, the very first you should do is sign up for google webmaster Tools. It is one of the primary mechanism which helps you to identify issues with your site. It also helps locate accurately if your site is affected with any kind of malware which you and I would not like it but which you failed to spot it. If you do not have one Google search Webmaster, then get one now.

google webmaster tool

Once your sign into Google webmaster Tools, it lets the webmasters do several activities to your sites. You can submit and check a sitemap, it lets you know the exact crawling rate and view statistics and progress of your websites. You can also list internal and external pages that link to the site to bring in more traffic and better result. You can actually get to know whether any difficulty has arisen in crawling which also include errors which Googlebot received when accessing your URLs. You can check which keywords of your sites searches on Google is leading and which is being listed in the SERPs. And the key benefit is it provides notification from google for wrong. If you looking for a Search Engine Optimization Service there are a list number of them online who can help bring your site to the top search engine results.

Google webmaster tools is a aptly for SEO Services tools that provides accurate data information and configuration control for your site in google. There are even tons of things you can do with Google webmaster Tools. To do it in a professional way, entrust your sites to a Digital marketing company who can bring out the best from it.

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