4 Trends Any Digital Marketing Company in India Should Follow in 2017-18

The year 2017 is upon us and the new trends are coming with it. Any digital marketing company in India knows the importance of staying on its toes and looking far into the future. 

Here are a few digital marketing trends that any solid agency must be taking into account. Make sure to ask if the one you hire knows about them.

  1. Shooting Live Videos

Images and content won’t go anywhere, but the new player in the game is a live video. Most social media platforms are making live videos easily accessible to the users and they don’t hesitate to take advantage of the offer. Besides marketing with live videos on YouTube, companies can post their video content on Twitter (through Periscope) and Facebook.

  1. Next level of one-to-one marketing

In 2017, digital marketing will be taking a big step toward personalization. The one-to-one marketing approach is becoming more and more popular and bringing striking results. With the help of big data, personalized marketing will soar through the roof. While it might seem a little farfetched today, the farther the marketing business develops, the more personal it gets.

  1. Mobile domination

While in 2016 the mobile domination was on the rise, it didn’t reach the heights it will in 2017. The full mobile domination over the desktop is imminent. In 2017, the users will be buying more mobile gadgets, including wearable units, and going farther and farther away from the desktop computers or even laptops.

  1. Content improvement

The demand for high-quality content is higher than ever. The right content is the key to any marketing. That’s why any digital marketing company in India has to be ready to create new content writing tricks and available to offer improved content services.


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