8 Ways To Generate Traffic Via Instagram and Facebook

In today’s time where almost all people use such social sites, Facebook marketing and Instagram marketing can be a boon for any company or business who want to get a success in short period of time. There is no doubt that the social media like Instagram and Facebook will definitely generate the more traffic on your website. Here I am going to discuss eight ways to generate more traffic on your website via Instagram and Facebook.

1. Add URL in your bio: First of all, a new user or a customer will see in your Instagram bio. He or she will come to know about you from there first, then from anywhere else. It’s not possible to tell much about your website within the limit of 150 characters, but by adding URL of your website can really be beneficial.

2. Highlight popular posts: It is generally easier to share a blog post on Facebook but on Instagram, you need to think quite differently. One can try by starting a weekly roundup of most sought after posts or products from the site and it may lead your Instagram followers to have a look to your site.

3. Watermark your images: On social media like Instagram, one doesn’t know which photo get viral, so it’s always preferable to watermark every photo you post on Instagram with your company’s name and URL. In case, you don’t know how to watermark the images, then there are lots of app of doing the same.

4. Give a price tag to your photos: Don’t hesitate to add a price tag to your photos as if the Instagram users are interested in the product, then the person will not have to find out the product price. Always remember that why you are promoting your business on Instagram. Of course to generate more traffic on your site and to build more potential customers.

5. Ask Questions: Ask witty and smart questions to the people to generate their interest in your products. And your questions be related to the article or blog you are posting on Facebook. Generally, yes & no questions, problem-solving questions are asked.

6. Make your images big: Facebook posts with more and clear images are more engaging than the posts with no images. Sometimes post full-size images in your Facebook blog post and upload the image directly to create a full sized image.

7. Skip the Link: There is no need to attach a link to your post as your update should be neat and clean but you add a link to the full sized image, from there the users will directly be able to click to the blog article.

8. Insert a short video: By embedding a video related to your blog to give the essence of your post. The video might be liked by your fans and they may click to your blog article.

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The aforementioned easy and simple ways to generate more traffic will surely help you out in getting the social media optimization to your current websites via Facebook and Instagram. There are lots of companies who provide smo services through Instagram marketing and Facebook marketing but very few which give you the required smo services. Every company or business demands a different approach to social media optimization as per the requirements and needs of the individual.


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